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Take better care of your employees

Your employees are among the most valuable assets at your company. Offering them a retirement plan makes it easier for them to save for retirement.

Vestwell is a new technology platform that helps companies like you easily create a retirement plan for their employees. We combine the best parts of technology with advice from real humans, making an otherwise complicated process easy so you can have peace of mind when creating and running your retirement plan.

Introducing Vestwell's Solution

The Modern Retirement Platform

The truth is that most working Americans will not have enough income at retirement age. And what about Social Security? Most experts agree that Social Security will provide less than half of the employee's current yearly income in retirement. This means that most workers can expect to receive about 40% of what they are earning today in retirement. Where does the other 60% come from? Some of it may be through personal investments, but that still may not be enough. A deferred compensation plan helps your employees close the gap on their retirement income needs.

It's Easier Than You Think

  • Streamlined Platform

    Benefit from our modern investing technology with the personalized care that only real human investment advisors provide.

  • Fiduciary Protection

    Feel at ease knowing that we provide ERISA Section 3(16), 3(21) or 3(38) fiduciary investment management services.

  • Transparent Fees

    Our fees are less than half of the industry average. Simple and easy to understand, with no hidden costs.

A modern solution

Turnkey solutions built with modern technology

Offering a retirement plan to your employees shouldn't be hard. That's why we take on all the hard parts for you - onboarding, administration, recordkeeping, investment management, and compliance. With a few simple clicks on our modern investing platform, your plan information is input and uploaded. You can focus on your core competencies while Vestwell takes care of your 401(k) plan.

Getting Started is Easy

  • We've simplified signup

    We've created a modern platform that cuts the paperwork of setting up a retirement plan. Just enter the facts about your company and electronically sign the documents and you're ready to go.

  • We help you design the right plan

    You can go with our standard plans or customize them for your needs, creating a matching strategy that works with your budget while also staying compliant with the top heavy plan regulations.

  • Onboard your employees

    Just upload your company payroll and census and we can handle the rest. Employees are automatically enrolled by default, and changing their contributions and investing strategies takes a few clicks.

Everything You Need

  • Well-designed plan features

    Vestwell can help you ensure that employees get the best plan on the market. Features like auto-enrollment have been shown to double participation rates and drive higher deferral rates, leading to more better retirement outcomes.

  • A dashboard for the facts

    Our clean dashboard interface allows you and your team to view all the essential information they need in one place, reviewing plan participation rates and employee engagement.

  • Fully compliant notices and agreements

    Traditionally, it can be a hassle to ensure that every employee has received proper notices and documents. We automate the entire process with paperless alerts and correspondence, which also saves on printing and postage.

  • Automated plan testing

    Helping ensure that plans are compliant is one of the biggest hassles of offering a 401(k). We run quarterly discrimination reviews and annual top heavy tests on all our plans to ensure that things are right, and if they're not, we will help you correct the issue.

Vestwell is ready for companies like yours.

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