Retirement Plans used to be painful. Now there's Vestwell, 401(k) Made Easy.

The 401(k) that benefits everyone

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As a financial advisor, it can be time-consuming to provide retirement plan solutions. Either you fit the many components together yourself, or you work with a traditional provider, who has an interest in promoting its own funds and brokerage services, potentially above you or your clients' interests. Plan sponsors also face daunting choices, including complicated investment options, a fee structure that potentially hurts employees, and a complex web of fiduciary responsibilities.

At Vestwell, our goal is to fix this. Our modern platform allows advisors to deliver a better experience. In a changing landscape, we give advisors the technology and tools to allow them to better serve to their clients.

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Introducing Vestwell’s Solution

The Fiduciary Retirement Platform

Vestwell is a new platform that helps investment advisors evolve their business to suit the changing world of retirement plan investing. We provide Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) with a white-labeled 401(k) and retirement plan platform that puts client's best interest first. With Vestwell, you can generate a customized proposal in less than ten minutes and onboard them.

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Automated advice
with a human touch

There are some things that computers are better at, and some things that humans are better at. Your clients trust you to answer their questions and offer personalized retirement planning advice, and you can rely on Vestwell's algorithms to optimize the participant investments and generate proposals and plan documents with a click of a button. With Vestwell, your retirement plan business has never been more scalable.

Custom built for advisors like you

Whether your client is considering starting or converting a plan, sponsors want customized 401(k), 403(b), and Cash Balance plans in an easily digestible format. You can generate a custom proposal in under 10 minutes, and then walk your clients through the plan documents on our easy-to-use portal. After that, our portal makes managing the plan easy, no matter the customization.

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    Low fees lead to more savings

    Vestwell's fees are lower than the industry average, meaning that your clients' employees can keep more money in their accounts and save more money for retirement.

  • A name tag to identify you to your clients

    We put your name first

    Your clients chose you because they trust you, so the Vestwell platform puts your company's name and logo at the top of each page and piece of correspondence.

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    More than just 401(k) in a box

    Unlike our competitors, Vestwell allows you to custom tailor plans for each of your clients. Vestwell supports Safe Harbor, Non-Safe Harbor, Profit Sharing, 403(b), and Cash Balance plans.

Aaron Schumm, Vestwell's CEO
Aaron Schumm

Meet our founder

Aaron has worked in the fintech world for his entire career, building technology platforms to help advisors work better.

Simplify your life and grow your business

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    Well-designed plan features

    Vestwell can help you ensure that employees get the best plan on the market. Features like auto-enrollment have been shown to double participation rates and drive higher deferral rates, leading to more plan assets.

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    A dashboard that shows you everything you need

    Our clean dashboard interface allows advisors to view all the essential information they need in one place, reviewing all the clients' companies, employees and asset allocations.

  • A compass pointing to towards full compliance
    Fully compliant notices and agreements

    Traditionally, it can be a hassle to ensure that every plan participant has received proper notices and documents. We automate the entire process with paperless alerts and correspondence, which also saves on printing and postage.

  • The scales of the law in balance as we run quarterly and annual tests
    Automated plan testing

    Helping ensure that plans are compliant with the law is one of the most important parts of an advisor's job. We run quarterly discrimination reviews and annual top heavy tests on all our plans to ensure that things are right, and if they're not, we will help you correct the issue.

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