We’re only as good as our people.

Vestwell is always looking for great talent. Whether you're interested in reinventing the retirement space, or just want to surround yourself with the smart, fun, driven type, we'd love to count you amongst the converted.

A little about us.

All of the smiling Vestwell employees posing for a photo together in their stylish lobby.

Vestwell believes that all Americans should have easy access to a retirement account which is why we’ve created a digital platform that makes it simpler to offer and administer 401(k) plans. Through our technology, advisors get an easy button for expanding their business, employers get a cost effective solution without the administrative burden, and employees get a user friendly portal that helps them achieve their long term saving goals.

Can you stand out while fitting in?

With backing from leading Fintech and Finserv investors, along with a growing team of dedicated professionals of strong industry pedigree, Vestwell is at the forefront of change in the $7 trillion 401(k) market. Our team believes in the mission we’ve set out to achieve and we’re working hard to get there. We’re ambitious, honest, thoughtful, and fun. Oh, and we’re really good at ping pong.

Interested in joining the Vestwell team and don't see a job posting for you? Reach out to jobs@vestwell.com.

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